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System Three Silver Tip Epoxy Yacht Primer

(Water Reducible Epoxy Primer)



A 2 Part Epoxy-Polyide Primer System which thins and cleans up with water. Used above or below the waterline. Excellent adhesion to cured, sanded epoxy, polyester, and vinylester resins and properly prepared metal surfaces. Its performance is equal to its solvent based counterparts in corrison protection, film build, and sandibility. Little or no odor. Non-Flammable. Water Thin and Clean-Up. Dries by evaporation, then cures by resin hardener curing action. Curing takes about one day in warm termperatures. Longer in cooler temperatures. Applied by roller spray or brush.


Color: Gray.


For complete instructions, properties, and tips, refer to the paint application guide.


Click here for Paint Application Guide.


$43.00 per quart

$93.00 per gallon