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System Three WR-LPU

(Water Reducible Polyurethane Topcoat)


12 Standard Colors: Call to request a WR-LPU Color Card)


These highly durable coatings set a new standard for ease of use, environmental safety, and cost. On the market since the early 90's, System Three has made it possible for skilled amateurs to achieve professional looking results. Keep in mind that a quality paint job is the result of 90% preparation and 10% application. The finest paints in the world will not compensate for poor preparation.

WR-LPU is a time tested two-part, water reducible polyurethane topcoat. It rivals solvent-based paints in durability and weatherability, and contains ultra-violet light absorbers for maximum life in the sun. Apply at a rate of one gallon per 400 square feet. Will require a minimum of three coats depending upon thinning and application method. Allow for some overspray when spraying. WR_LPU is available in twelve standard colors. For complete instructions, properties, and tips, refer to the paint application guide.


Click here for Paint Application Guide.


Click here for Guide to Outdoor Wood Finishing.


System Three coatings are designed to work together as a complete system. Apply the primer first to get a good coating build. The WR-LPU colors will dry to a semi-gloss. For a full-gloss "wet look" apply a coat of WR-LPU clear gloss as the final coat. Like all LPU topcoats, WR-LPU is for use above the water line, on boats left in the water. Boats that are dry-sailed or left in the water for a couple of weeks are not considered to be constantly immersed. We have achieved good results applhying WR-155 primer and WR-LPU topcoat over bare wood. However, the type of wood, moisture content, and exposure to the elements will affect the long term results. Bonus: WR-LPU, clear or colored, can be applied directly over System Three resin systems, without the primer.


$ 54.90 per quart

$146.30 per gallon


Orcas White

Decatur Black

Whidbey White

San Juan Tan

Bainbridge White

Vashon Gray

Camano Red

Mercer Green

Lopex Blue

Shaw Blue

Sinclair Yellow

Fox Orange

Clear Gloss

Clear Satin