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(Mixing Ratio 1 to 1)


High performance, gap-filling, water proof, two-part structural epoxy adhesive designed to provide superior results under adverse conditions. May be used without modification in normally fitted joints. The working time at 70°F is 40-60 minutes and the tack-free time is 4-6 hours. The tensile strength is 7,000 psi and the flexural strength is 11,500 psi.

1/2 Pint Unit $  
1 Pint Unit $ 25.90
1 Quart Unit $ 41.50
1/2 Gallon Unit $
1 Gallon Unit $126.40
2 Gallon Unit $248.40
U-Tah Tips $2.40
(Extra Mixing Tips)  
Cartridge and Tip $