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System Three GelMagic™


(Mixing Ratio 2 to 1)


1 1/2 Pint Unit
$ 37.70
1 1/2 Quart Unit
$ 69.00
3 Quart Unit
1 1/2 Gallon Unit
6.4 oz. Cartridge
$ 23.95
6 Pack Mixing Tips



A toughened, non-sagging, two-component structural epoxy adhesive designed to bond wood and other substrates. GelMagic is unique in that it starts as two self-leveling liquids, which immediately form a soft, non-sagging paste when mixed. The blue color of the resin disappears upon mixing. GelMagic is also a toughened adhesive with high peel strength. As GelMagic cures, the toughening agent precipitates to form an opaque, creamy-white, two-phase system. GelMagic is a room-temperature cure adhesive with good elevated temperature properties following a mild post cure. The working time at 70°F is 15 minutesw and the tack-free time is 3 hours. The tensile strength is 7600 psi and the flexural strength is 13,000 psi.