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System Three Silver Tip QuikFair™

(Mixing Ratio 2 to 1)

QuikFair™ is a light-weight, microballon-filled, fast-curing two-part epoxy fairing putty with excellent moisture resistance. It is designed to be used on both fiberglass and wood-epoxy boats above or below the waterline. It is ideal for fairing out and smoothing up large surfaces, such as the weave pattern in fiberglass cloth, or sanding scratches, dings and gouges, and screw and nail heads. The two color-coded parts have a non-sagging, butter-like consistency and are easily mixed to form a third color. At 70° F, QuikFair is sufficiently cured to be hand-sanded in 3 hours or machine sanded in 4 hours (this allows the user to apply three coats each 24 hours in a standard eight-hour shift or six in a round-the-clock basis). Keep in mind that the cure time is longer in cooler temperatures. Other epoxies need to cure overnight (at least 16 hours) before sanding. QuikFair allows the user to complete a fairing or filleting job in a day rather than three or four days. QuickFair bonds to most surfaces such as wood, fiberglass, epoxy, polyester, vinylester, foam and metals. It must be sanded after curing to insure adhesion between coats or for epoxy primers and topcoats.


NOTE: OuikFair's warm butter-like consistency makes it easy to measure by weight. Use care when measuring by volume as QuikFair does not self-level and may trap air pockets. Because QuikFair is fast curing, the working time is short. QuikFair allows approximately 10 minutes of working time at 70 degrees F.



1 1/2 Pint Unit $ 36.60
1 1/2 Quart Unit $ 54.90
3 Quart Unit $103.60
1 1/2 Gallon Unit $193.30