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SB-112 Epoxy Resin


(Mixing Ratio 2 to 1)

Polyester Compatible Epoxy
UV Resistant

A clear, UV-resistant, almost water-white high modulus, epoxy resin system. Especially formulated for use in building and repairing sail and surf boards over polystyrene cores. It can also be used for coating and laminating. Unlike many epoxy resins, SB-112 will cure to a clear, glossy, blush-free surface. SB-112 is unique in that polyester resins and gel coats may be bonded to it without the use of “tie-coats”. The only preparation required is sanding immediately prior to applying the polyester product. The minimum temperature for coating is 55°F. The pot life time at 60°F is 50 minutes and the set time is 8 hours. The pot life time at 77°F is 30 minutes and the set time is 4 hours.



1 1/2 Quart Unit $ 85.30
3 Quart Unit $
1 1/2 Gallon Unit $257.00
3 Gallon Unit $


Turbo Cure

Speeds up the cure time in colder temperatures.

4 oz.