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Polyurethane Pour Foam

This is a rigid urethane foam system designed to meet buoyancy standards in accordance with United States Coast Guard 33 CFR 183 114. The nominal free rise density is 2 lb. per cubic foot. The mix ratio by volume is 1:1 . Mixed chemicals expand up to 30 times in volume and begin to react in approximately 30 seconds at 70° F. A two (2) Gallon Unit would yield approximately 9 cubic feet. Supports approximately 63 lbs. per cubic foot. Not effected by gasoline or diesel fuels, 97% closed cell content. Most commonly used to fill bilge spaces in boats for reserve buoyancy. Best poured in stages to fill space, one pour bonds well with the next pour.


Kit Volume Part A & B Foam Weight Per Unit Price
2 Quart Unit 4.75 LBS Net Liquid $33.00 for 1 Full Quart Each A & B
2 Gallon Unit 19 LBS Net Liquid $100.00 for 1 Full Gallon Each A & B
5 Gallon Unit 47 1/2 LBS Net Liquid $236.00 for 1 Full 2 1/2 Gallon Each A & B
10 Gallon Unit 95 LBS Net Liquid $450.00 for 2 Full 2 1/2 Gallon Each A & B

These Foam Units are actual gallon quantities. For example, a 2 Gallon Unit is 1 Full Gallon of

Part A and 1 Full Gallon of Part B with a net liquid weight of 19 LBS. A 10 Gallon Unit is 5 Full

Gallons of Part A and 5 Full Gallons of Part B with a Net Liquid Weight of 95 LBS.


Prices Effective November 3, 2022