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Epoxy Primer

Interlux 404/ 414 Primekote® Kit

(Formerly Epoxy Barrier Kote®)

Epoxy Primekote
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Interlux two-part epoxy primer, flat white.
A multi-purpose primer/undercoater for use above or below the waterline. Has excellent filling ability due to its high viscosity for filling sanding marks, as well as gel coat cracks and crazing. Recommended primer under 2-Part urethanes like Perfection, Epifanes, Awlgrip, etc... Excellent as a barrier coat system below water line under anti-fouling paints, for priming and filling crazed gelcoat prior to application of finish paint system, and as a tie-coat primer between epoxy resins and finish paints. Also an excellent anticorrosive primer for aluminun and steel. This product must be thinned with appropriate thinners (listed below.) Mixing ratio 3:1. Kit includes base and reactor. Great primer for cured System Three Epoxy!

$105.90/One Gallon Kit $39.50/One Quart Kit


Interlux® Epoxy Thinners

2333/ Brush Thinner and 2316/ Spray Thinner


Used to reduce Interlux 404/414 Epoxy Primer to proper consistency for brush or spray application.

#2333/Brush Thinner    $24.90/Quart
#2316/Spray Thinner    $16.20/Quart




Interlux Pre-Kote®


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Interlux primer for use with the Interlux Topside Yacht Enamels or any one-part topside finish.
Pre-KoteŽ is a unique V.O.C. compliant, single package, undercoater for use with BrightsideŽ Polyurethane, Yacht Enamels or any one-part topside finish. Microspheres give Pre-KoteŽ superior build and hide while improving flow and sandability. Use anywhere above the true waterline where a coating is needed to provide a smooth, fair surface for overcoating with a topside enamel. Available in both White (4279) and Gray (4280). The use of Pre-KoteŽ Gray 4280 is recommended for use under dark colors. White (4279) and Gray (4280) may be blended for use under intermediate colors

$79.60/One Gallon

$27.30/One Quart



Interlux® Thinners

For Single Part Interlux® Topside Paints and Varnishes


# 333/Brush Thinner $38.25/Gallon $17.00/Quart