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Blister Prevention Coating

Interlux® InterProtect® 2000E Gray and 2002 White

Interlux Blister Prevention Coating
Interlux Blister Prevention Coating

For Prevention of Osmotic Blistering
The industry choice for protection against osmotic gel coat blistering since 1986. A unique 2 part epoxy coating developed to protect fiberglass boat bottoms from water absorption which can lead to gelcoat blisters. It contains millions of overlapping microscopic plates in the epoxy coating which helps stop the water migration into the fiberglass. An excellent universal primer above or below the waterline. Also an anti-corrosive primer for use on underwater metals, including hulls and keels. Smooth rol or brush on application. No sanding required between coats of primer for up to two weeks. No sanding required before application of bottom paint within 7 hours at 60-80°F. No thinning necessary-ready for application when mixed to provide proper mil thickness per rolled on coat. Recommended minimum coating thickness is 10 mils (4 to 5 ccoats at 2.5 mils per coat.)

$99.80/One Gallon Kit

$36.25/One Quart Kit