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Interlux® Flattening Agents

#YMA 715
For One-Part Paint
(Designed for use with Interlux® Topside Yacht Enamel)


A clear solution specifically made for mixing with Interlux® 1-Part Finishes, Brightside Yacht Enamel, and Varnish to provide a variety of
gloss, satin, or matte effects. Addition of the flattening agent will reduce coverability of the paint because of a watering down effect by
the clear flattening agent.  Therefore, apply un-flattened coats first for opacity, then finish with the flattened coat.

#Yma 715    $26.50/Quart

Typical Gloss Reduction Paint Flattening Agent
High Semi-Gloss 3 Parts to 1 Part
Semi-Gloss 1 Part to 1 Part
Eggshell 1 Part to 2 Parts

Interlux® Flattening Agents

#YZM 914
For Two-Part Urethanes (Interlux® Perfection® and Epifanes®)

This is a two (2) part 3:1 mix ratio mixed at this ratio first, then added to mixed paint.

#YZM 914    $39.90/Quart

Typical Gloss Reduction Mixed Urethane Mixed Flattening Agent
High Semi-Gloss 2 Parts to 1 Part
Low Semi-Gloss 1 Part to 1 Part
Satin 1 Part to 2 Parts


Opacity of the paint will be reduced with the addition of the flattening agent. Therefore, firt coats should be applied

straight without the flattening agent.