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This is used to paint on a final color coat over new polyester fiberglass work. Rolled, brushed, or sprayed, with a gel coat spray gun, it will provide one of the most durable, opaque, waterproof, and sunlight resistant coatings available at a low cost. Used mostly on newly glassed decks, cabins, rails, boxes, or any other glassed surface requiring a hard, semi-gloss/semi-flat finish coat. Fairly thick in consistency, about like a latex paint, it is catalyzed like polyester laminating resin. It can be tinted with any of the pigment colors (black for gray, brown for beige, etc...) and can be buffed to a high gloss, if desired for interior applications. Air Dry, White Gel Coat covers best when put over a coat of No Wax White Gel Coat. For good coverage on new glass work, first apply one coat of No Wax White Gel Coat. Then apply a finish coat of White Air Dry (w/wax) Gel Coat. Not for use on epoxy resin.

1 Gallon $ 63.00
1 Quart $ 21.00

Prices include catalyst.

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