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When referring to weights of fiberglass, mat is in ounces per square foot and all others are in ounces per square yard.

Polyester Resins
Polyester resin with wax cures tack-free on the surface. However, it must be sanded between coats for a good mechanical bond. Waxed resin is used for one coat glass work, or for the last coat of resin in a laminating schedule, or for any layer in a laminate that has to be sanded. Waced resin can be used for multiple layer work as long as each layer is applied on top of a wet layer. Waxed resin is referred to as Finishing Resin. Resin without wax cures hard, but remains slightly tacky on the surface. This surface cannot be sanded, but makes for very good adhesion with other coats of resin and glass. This is the type of resin used most in fiberglass construction. For a tack-free, final finish, a coat of resin or gelcoat with wax can be applied over the no wax layer. No wax resin is referred to as Laminating Resin.

We handle only top quality "marine grade" resins and fiberglass products from respected manufacturers, suitable for marine construction and repair. We choose not to carry the many cheaper, B grade or off-spec. resins, or any other products that are not appropriate for boatbuilding.